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Learn tax savings strategies you can implement immediately


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Take advantage of all the tax deductions to which you are entitled

You face hard money choices every day. Don’t let the fear of making the wrong choice hold you back.

Should I buy that new house? Should I invest in starting a business? Can I afford to send my child to private school? Is it the right time to make that move to a new state? Should I take the leap to switch careers?

These are just a handful of the big money decisions I’ve helped my clients tackle. I know how hard it can be to look at your options objectively and make a confident choice. Together, we’ll get to the heart of your money matters so that you can make important decisions without doubt, guilt, or fear.

Wendy Barlin, CPA

Wendy Barlin, CPA, is an author, professional speaker and tax strategist. Wendy has spent her entire career helping people keep more of their hard earned money with tax strategies and cash management plans.

Wendy is the owner and principal of About Profit (, utilizing bookkeeping, tax and planning strategies, and helping business owners optimize cash flow and increase profitability. About Profit stands out from its competition through its unique fee model that puts people over profit.

Wendy is a published author. Her book,”That’s Deductible! Simple Tips and Tricks to Find More Business Tax Deductions”, is available on Amazon.

On a personal level, Wendy is an avid reader of books and a lover of nature who spent a year traveling the world with nothing more than a bag of clothes and a dream.

Wendy is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and helpful. She has been wonderful to work with. I recommend her highly!

—Inge B.

I’ve been working with Wendy for several years and she is absolutely terrific. Very helpful and very reliable when I have questions, no matter how minor and annoying they may be!

—Alicia B.

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