Are you moving this summer?

May 30, 2023

Are you moving this summer? Exciting times!  Please remember to update your mailing address with the IRS. The IRS will only contact you by mail.

I know, you have mail forwarding on your current address. I did that also when I moved but it is not 100% accurate and there is plenty of mail that doesnt make it to your new address. Don’t rely on that system to send you important documents timely. For official matters like government agencies, I highly recommend directly updating your address at the source. The difference between receiving an important notice timely and one that takes months or years to reach you can be tens or thousands of dollars.

To update your address with the IRS, use Form 8822. If you filed a joint return and are still residing with the same spouse, both you and your spouse should provide your names, social security numbers, new address and signatures on the form or statement. If you filed a joint return and you now have separate addresses, each of you should notify us of your new, separate addresses.

Remember, your State will have a similar requirement so please also update your address with your State. The IRS will not update your State information.

If you have trouble completing this form or any other questions, let me know. I am always available to help.

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