Automations casuing client frustrations?

Apr 9, 2024

Have you ever used the self checkout line at the grocery store? It can be an awesome quick experience and or it can be the most frustrating, want to scream moment in your day. When everything scans easily then no problem, you pay and off you go but if something goes wrong along the way..grrr.frustration! Now you have to find someone to help and usually they are not particularly hurried or excited to help. Hmnn, maybe use the regular human check out line next time?

So are you using a self-checkout system for your clients? What happens when the system doesnt work or a client needs help? Likely major frustration. Clients may either complain loudly or look to leave your firm. Nothing good happens when clients get frustrated and dont feel cared for.

To remove this stumbling block, I highly recommend hiring a full time Client Care Coordinator. My Client Care Coordinator was probably THE most critical person in our firm. Their role is to smooth out processes for clients who are at the proverbial register (portal!) and are stuck or struggling. Reach out to me and let me show you who and how to hire for this role.

I guarantee that you will reduce client churn and increase inbound referrals by hiring the right Client Care Coordinator for your firm.

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