Mar 7, 2024

Are you feeling stretched right now? Tax season plans not working out as you had hoped? Ask for help!

I used to think that asking for help was a sign of weakness but being a working single mom to a baby girl, I got over that mindset quickly. I had to ask for help to survive!  I simply could not do it all myself.

Now that same confidence to ask for help has spread into my professional life. It is a sign of strength to know when you need help and what kind of help you need. This is absolutely not a weakness. The help is out there. You will be amazed how your colleagues, friends and family will be honored to be asked. It is a privilege to be trusted in someone’s time of need.

So, rather than living in burnout and not being your best self for your family, your clients or your colleagues, ask for help. Do it now. Before mistakes happen. Before you burn bridges by being unintentionally unkind. Or worse, making an expensive mistake on a clients tax return because your focus is just not there.

Pretend a magic genie exists – what are your 3 big wishes for right now?  Ask!  I can be your genie.


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