Do you recommend a local tax preparer or someone remote?

May 16, 2023

The world of service providers has definitely expanded over the years as we have all become comfortable working over platforms like zoom. CPA’s and tax preparers are able to work with clients worldwide. I personally have been working with clients nationwide since 2018. This does require me to do a little more research if new clients are in States that I have not worked with before. I love the ability to learn and grow. I would professionally never take on a client that I did not believe I was able to help in the best possible way and I believe this is true of local as well as remote preparers.

So in my opinion, it comes down to your comfort level. I believe it is way more important for you to find a CPA or tax preparer that you know, like and trust rather than let geography dictate your service provider. The relationship between client and professional is a deep one that builds over time and hopefully lasts decades. As the client, your goal should be to find a professional that you feel comfortable with.

Interview both local and remote CPA’s. Listen. Do they ask about you or do they talk about themselves? Always beware of any CPA who tells you how much tax money they will save you or promise refunds. Rather look for someone who listens when you speak. Someone who promises and guarantees response times that work for you. That is your best professional!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me and let’s discuss. I am currently interviewing for tax clients. We have 2 spots available.

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