FOCUS on Profit to build our Wealth

Mar 16, 2023

Planning your summer vacation? No!  Why? Stressed about money, cash flow? Hmnnn, perhaps you have spent your time focused on growing your REVENUE and not your PROFIT. Don’t feel badly, I have done this myself as have many successful business owners but the time comes to change your focus. I wont pretend this is easy. I have worked through this exact issue myself after doubling my revenue, feeling SOOOOO proud and then realizing I had no extra cash to build my wealth by the end of the year. I was devastated so I know how you feel. I sat down and cried.

I know you all assume because I am a CPA, money management comes easily to me but its simply not true. I am bombarded by the American marketing machine every day, just as you are. I am faced with the same choices every day. So when I say I know how you feel, I do. Let me show you how I changed my focus from revenue to profit.

Revenue and growing revenue always feels cool and sexy and my inbox and social media are always full of suggestions for growing revenue but as you see, REVENUE alone does not build wealth or offer you the lifestyle you work so hard to achieve. PROFIT builds wealth and pays for summer vacations in luxury.

So how do we get there? Now I am not saying to ignore revenue, we must keep driving revenue into our businesses but our equal focus needs to be on how much of that revenue we get to keep.

So where does the money go?

  • People – do you have the right people doing the right work for the right wage?
  • Overheads – what are you spending to keep the lights on? How can you make different choices?
  • Taxes – have you exhausted every possible tax deduction to which you are entitled under the law?

Work your way through every line item in your business.

There are resources available on the web, books you can read and remember, If you want more personalized help, reach out to me. This is my zone of genius. Let me save you thousands of hours and frustration and show you how to make effective change.  In one day together, we will absolutely cover all 3 of these business levers and you will end the day with tools and strategies for effective and immediate change, guaranteed!


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