GULP – How is it possible that I owe so much tax?

Feb 16, 2023

Sitting on the edge of your chair waiting for that dreaded call from your accountant – how much do I owe?  Ugh, really, that much?  

Two things:

1. Lets have a conversation BEFORE you sign, file and pay. Let me look at your numbers, your tax returns and lets make sure you have take every business income tax deduction to which you are entitled. Very often your accountant has taken the numbers you gave them and simply enterred them into their tax software to prepare the return. No one has actively dived into the details to look for additional deductions or strategic moves. Accountants are busy at this time of the year and working with the numbers you provide is pretty standard operating procedure. We need to go deeper to claw back your cash. Don’t just give up, give in and pay!

2. Let’s have a conversation AFTER you sign, file and pay. How can you do things differently this year to avoid the edge of the seat phone call drama? Contact me and let’s look at your current situation, where the money is coming from, where it is going and how we can do things a little differently for a huge cash and tax shift. Let me show you what your CPA and your colleagues know but no one has taken the time to show you. It is not complicated or scary, you just need to know where to look.  Schedule a strategy day with me. 

And REMEMBER, all tax balances are due by April 18th. An extension is an extension of time to FILE and NOT TO PAY. So the clock is ticking for your money!

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