Managing the costs of your online business – Your Techstack

May 18, 2023

Having grown my business online since 2018, I have noticed how very quickly the costs stack up. No rent and no parking expenses but wow, my online dues and subscription services sure have increased. To be as profitable as possible, we want to keep our overheads and our costs of doing business as low as possible. Don’t lose money by paying for services you don’t need.

Once a year I do a teck stack audit. What do I currently have and what do I need?  As the market changes and my business evolves, I can often combine service subscriptions or completely replace a subscription. When last did you audit your techstack? Which subscriptions do you really need?

On my website you will find a current list of the services I am currently using. This will save you hundreds of hours of research. I have done the research for you! I promise to keep this list updated.

My priority for you is recordkeeping. Keeping details records of every dollar earned and every dollar spent allows me to do my job and find you more tax deductions. Without those records, I cannot be effective. So if you sign up for nothing else, please sign up for a recordkeeping system like Quickbooks or Freshbooks.

If you need help deciding which subscriptions to keep and which to remove, reach out to me.

I also have space for 2 new clients so if you have paid $30,000 or more in taxes for last year, you are frustrated and looking to UPLEVEL your profits and tax strategies, please reach out to me and we can see if I am able to help you.

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