More pointless and frustrating meetings?

Oct 24, 2023

Having run many pointless and frustrating team meetings myself over the last 20 years, I can confidently say, its a time and energy sucker that leaves you and your team worse off than if you had no meeting at all. I used to have all team meetings every Monday morning and before I had a system in place, I would groan and moan my way in knowing the meeting awaited my day.

So what do we do? Continuing doing the same thing but expect a different result? We know thats not an option.

Well first step is to set up and Agenda that we share with the group so that everyone understandfs why we are meeting and what we will cover. Not a random stream of consiousness from the same few people at every meeting. Then we allocate time for each agenda item so that meetings run to schedule and respect everyone’s time. We assign a time keeper. We can rotate that responsibility around the room, virtual or in person.

Just these 2 tips will greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings. Effectiveness and efficiency mean increased profitability.

If you need help with your team meeetings, let’s discuss. reach out to me. 

We can work on the who, the where, the why and the when.

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