Processes may Change but Principles dont

Mar 19, 2024

BEFORE you sign up for the software that your colleagues and friends or Instagram recommends, please make sure that you have your internal processes tested and documented. No matter what software you use to implement your processes, the principles should not change. You will have a much better quicker and easier result this way than picking a software first and then trying to build your processes. That is the old expression – the cart before the horse!

Creating and doumenting processes is never fun. I have tried every which way but its just not fun however, processeses are the backbone to operations and profits. Do you want to be profitable? If yes, then you need documented processes. Irrespective of the software you choose, your processes must be effective and efficient. No software package can do that for you!  Stick to your principles. Stick with what works on your firm.

This is where I see Firms get frustrated. They pick a software solution and then are disappointed that it doesnt create the internal process for success. Or worse, change their operating principles to conform to a software system. Not a good idea.

Lets take the time now, as we are working, to document our systems. What works best? What do we want to change? Keep our principles but change our systems. THEN we go out and find a software to support our operations.

If this creates stress and anxiety for you, contact me and let us help you.

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