Ready to make a change for 2023? Now is the time!

Nov 3, 2022

The news has been full of corporate jobs being closed out over the last six weeks. Layoffs across several sectors. So let’s talk about what this means for you. If you have been in a corporate job and are miserable or are nervous about these lay offs then maybe now is the time to look towards starting your own business. Time to take your future and your financial security into your own hands.

Can you do it? Absolutely!

There are several options and different strategies to getting started. Some depends on your skill set, your risk tolerance and your available cash. before you do anything, please reach out to a financial professional and talk about your specific situation because the choices are different for everyone. I always offer a no charge consultation!   

I am a firm believer in not re-creating the wheel so if you have never run a business before, buying an existing business or a franchise business may be the easiest solution for you. I have done both myself. I have bought an existing business and I have bought a franchise and there are pros and cons to both. Starting a business from scratch (which I have also done!) is the slowest and most frustrating of my experiences but definitely possible. The start up is best achieved when you are still working at your corporate job and can build up slowly. if you are no longer working a corporate job then buying a business or a franchise will be a quicker route to making money and sustaining your lifestyle.

So which is best for you? As I said, for everyone I speak to, the solution is different. Please dont fall prey to cheesy salespeople who offer you instant riches. There is no such thing. All successful businesses take courage and hard work.

Please reach out to me and let’s discuss what the next best steps would be for you.



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