Rising tides raise all ships! Join a small group mastermind in 2024

Mar 5, 2024

Many industries have collaborative groups – lawyers, realtors, insurance agencies BUT CPA firms seem to go it alone. Some firm owners hire a coach or consultant to help them in growing and structuring their firm for success but I dont see a lot of MASTERMIND groups. Not groups that are coached together but rather a group of similar sized firm owners who get together, share best practices, she what works and what doesnt, share their wins and their frsutrations. Why is that? Why are CPA firm owners not more collaborative? There is plenty of work out there. We are not each others competition!  Lets collaborate to raise the tide for all ships.

So I am proudly and bravely stepping into that space and inviting YOU, the owner of a CPA firm to join me and seven of your colleagues. Let’s mastermind together. We all have different experience and opinions and ideas. We will sign NDA’s and what we discuss in the room, stays in the room. Lets work together to raise our ships with the tide.

Reach out to me if you are interested.

PS: This is a great group for you if you are a single owner firm or a two partner firm, based in the US.

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