Shiny Object Syndrome – are you a victim?

Mar 12, 2024

I think to some degree we all fall prey to shiny object syndrome at some point in our day. We all want that easy solution, the quick fix. If it were ONLY so simple!?!?

My Facebook, LinkedIn and IG feeds are full of stories and reels from software providers and other CPA firms selling the “Quick Fix” or “Best Solution” but truely, what works for them may not work for you and I. Every firm that I meet with has different needs and hence a different solution to meet those needs. The shiny object may or may not be the solution SO before you jump in – breathe, get a second opinion, hire an objective 3rd party to review your situation.

I dont take commissions from software providers. The recommendation I give to your for your specific needs is a completely objective one. I HIGHLY recommend you avoid commission based opinions.

Whether you work with me or someone else, my point is, dont just follow the shiny object. Find a solution that works for you and stick with it. I also see firms switching up solutions and providers every 12 to 15 months. That is way toooooo soon. It takes upwards of two to three years before you really see the benefit of a new system. Stick with what you have, give it time and see if it meets your needs and if not, then by all means, make switch.

No more shiny object syndrome!


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