Which accounting software is best for taxes?

Aug 10, 2023

Keeping track of your income and your expenses as well as keeping your receipts is critical for every step of your tax minimization journey. For us to be effective and efficient as advisors, we need a trail of numbers. Every single number counts. So, accounting software is your friend. I know many business owners groan at having to hire a professional bookkeeper because accounting software feels like a burden but I absolutely guarantee you that by paying for professional help, you will save yourself thousands in tax dollars, guaranteed!

I recently wrote an article for Fyle, a new software that is ready and able to help business owners. Check this out!

Accounting software is not a one size fits all. Find the system that is best for your business and your recordkeeping style. I have used Quickbooks online for years but I also use Wave and Freshbooks with clients. There are also many industry specific systems out there that will really help you in keeping your records in order.

If you need help deciding on a software package for your business, please reach out to me and let’s discuss. Sometimes you do not get what you pay for by way of software and what I mean by that is sometimes more expensive does not mean “better”.

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