Who is showing you the path forward?

Mar 26, 2024

I have worked with a one on one coach. I have participated in large group mastermind platforms and I have invested in small group mastermind programs. Each format brings something different to the fore. Each format has its time and place. What do you need now in order to move your business forward? To move you forward?

There are so many choices available to us that I sometimes find myself overwhelmed and not able to choose. How about you? My criteria are primarily who is running the group. Their experience. Not what they say but whay they do and have done. I am extremely critical of group leaders or coaches who took a class but dont have boots on the ground, live hard knocks experience. My other criteria are the time and money required to find results. Can I commit the time and the money to the program?

This comes up for me now as yesterday was the last day of a CEO Mastermind group I participated in. We celebrated our successes and sadly wrapped up our time together. Looking back, I learned so much about myself and from my peers who in this instance were all in different professions.

So what next? I am being careful not to follow the shiny object or the pack but to take a look and me, my business and what I need next.


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